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May Fly Fishing Report

May is a great time to fish Montana's Missouri River. We are on the verge of a large caddis hatch along with a some sizable drakes. The water volume is at the upper limits for the fish to rise well but I've seen some big fish rise in…
Fly Fishing The Missouri River

Time To Fish

We are moving into spring! We all start to feel the need to fish this time of year! The water temp is getting close to 40 degrees on the Mighty Mo. I usually don't start fishing until the water hits 40. That is when fish start to chase things.…
Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report

The fishing has been pretty good! Not the best dry fly bite but some trico eaters can be found daily. The hopper bite can be day to day. Hoppers can be stellar in the clouds. The nymph fishing is good to great depending on who you talk…
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August Does Not Suck

As you can see August does not suck, at least from this anglers standpoint. The dog days of summer are not the ideal fishing scenario but big browns like to eat it for the patient anglers. I always have guided some of the my biggest fish in…
Channel Outfitters Big Browns

Big Browns

I Like to guide for big brown trout! It never gets old when a big one rises to your dry fly. We are in the thick part of our summer caddis hatch at the moment. The bugs have the big guys looking up! If you want to get the big ones have your…
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Happy 4th Of July

May all of your fish be big browns trout!
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Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

June is over and what a month it was.! Hatches were strong and fish were up on them if you know where to look. July looks good, we still have some mayflies. The caddis are getting very strong! I seen many fish up on the caddis yesterday and…
Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The Fish are rising to mayflies and caddis in the blazing sun. Yes the fish on the Missouri river do not mind looking up into the sun as long as the bugs are present. The next 3 weeks will be the best of the dry-fly fishing! After that…
Fly Fishing Montana's Missouri River

Dry Fly

June brings the big hatches on The Missouri. This week the PMDs are coming off fairly well. If you know where to look the fishing can be outstanding! Good long drag free drifts are the key. Accuracy is also a big help. Caddis are also here in…
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June is the best dry fly fishing month on the Missouri! Mega hatches of caddis and mayflies. Big browns like to look up and eat. Get here as quick as you can! we will save a few for you.