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Two Two-Footers In One Day

Anything is possible. Where there is water there is hope. This is the story of what dreams are made. Long time client Gary, who has caught some big fish with us over the years came out to the Missouri for his second trip of the year. I always target big brown trout, Gary is like minded. After throwing streamers for the first hour with little results, I handed Gary the nymph rig pre loaded for big ones. His first cast on top of a sunken island produced a immediate strike. The hook set cause instant caos! Big butterscotch jumping high into the air, I didn't need to tell Gary not to mess this up. After a long battle we landed the first fish of the day, A thick two footer.

After catching a two footer nothing really matters but we still had ten miles to float. The bite was on that day and we pounded the fish, he had twenty by lunch. After lunch the sun broke out of the clouds and the bite fell off a bit. I had a plan to only hit the sweet spots along the way and be done by 2:30. I had been focusing on certain spots that had been producing big ones so far this season. Today I could really see things and felt confident that the fish where hanging in shallow weed beds. I instructed Gary where to throw and he did perfectly. The flies didn't drift a foot before Gary was hooked up with another Giant! This one didn't jump, he stayed deep and fought hard. I didn't know how big he was until finally the sun showed his mass as he lifted off the bottom for the first time. Once again I told Gary, be gentle it's a biggie. Not sure if I ever had the great fortune to guide two two-footers in one day to the same angler. It will be hard to top that day but fun to try.

Gary holding second two footer for the day of fly fishing
2nd two footer of the day


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