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Missouri River Fishing Report: As the river goes down, fish are lookin' up

The Missouri River has been fishing well the past few weeks. The water levels have dropped a bit making the fishing much easier. The dry fly fishing has been good some days depending on your location and the traffic around you. We are experiencing large caddis hatches daily. Mayfly hatches are winding down but still a major player. Blind dry fly fishing has been good to us as of late. The people who like to post up are doing well but those fish are getting smart. Looking forward, tricos and terrestrials are on the horizon.

The nymph fishing has been really strong! All those bobber chuckers are getting it done on a variety of flies. Crawdad stuff and smaller mayfly nymphs are hot. Short leash rigs are doing well on the banks with smaller stuff. Streamer fishing is not great, I would recommend you stick with the dries.

We are booking trips now for August and September. Give us a call for any questions.


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