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Missouri River Fishing Report

Well folks, it looks like runoff has started a bit early this year. We have had some really warm weather patterns followed up by moderate rain. While the Missouri River itself stays clean and clear, the tributaries have been running amuck. It looks like the the Dearborn River and the Little Prickly Pear have topped out and are headed downward in flows. Once the Dearborn becomes clear again we will see the boat traffic on the upper river spread out.

As far as the Missouri River fishing report goes, long leash nymph fishing is the only game in town. The guides who know how to fish high water can crush it! The guides who don't won't! Streamer fishing can happen on certain banks but don't expect much. As the water temperatures climb, the fish will spread out and onto the banks. I will be stroking some big browns this month. How about you?

What to use? Scuds, worms and sow bugs. How long and how much weight? You will have to go to know. Streamer should be big, small and every color under the sun. Dry fly? Forget it for now.


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