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Gear up for some epic spring fly fishing on the Missouri River

Spring fly fishing nirvana is just around the corner on the mighty Missouri River. Yeah, the weather might throw a curveball, but trust me, big fish potential is all worth it. 

April: Streamer junkie's paradise

We kick off our trips in April along the Missouri River, just when the water temps hit that sweet 40-degree mark. That's the cue for the fish to wake up.  A typical spring fishing day features three rods strung up with all the things – streamers, nymphs and dries.  But we believe the best streamer fishing happens in April.

Feeling tough? Throw streamers all day. Big browns can't resist the slow-strip streamers.

Nymph junkies, listen up

Hold on though, there's more! Nymph fishing can also be top-notch this time of year. The fish in this famed tail water eat all day long, however, you gotta know where they’re chillin’. Our well-seasoned guides know exactly where to find these fish in their slow water haunts.

Dry fly bliss? Oh, yeah.

And did I mention dry-fly bliss? Late April can bring thick blue-winged olive hatches…a veritable buffet for the fish, and we're here for it.

Snag our spring special

Wait, there’s more – we're still offering a spring special, slicing a cool $100 off the regular price. Don't let this chance for epic fishing slip through your fingers. And tell the others. Call us for details 406.261.2772.


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