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Missouri River Fly Fishing

Updated: May 10, 2023

Client @jakerh63 showing off a nice brown during spring fly fishing on the Missouri River in Montana

The Missouri River is a-lot different from year to year. Last season we had low water flows making fishing very easy. This year we have much higher water making the fish a bit harder to find. A well seasoned Missouri River Guide comes in handy when the fishing gets tough.

The guy in the picture doesn't mind tough fishing, that's why he likes the spring special. This year compared to last year during the same time frame, the water was twice as high. Still we managed to have a great trip and Jake was able to put hands on this spectacular Brown Trout. Jake is already booked for the same time next spring, he knows the potential out ways the possible bad weather.

Going forward this season, we will have plenty of water in the Mighty Mo'. We currently have some run-off coming through our tributaries. Higher water makes bigger fish and more of them! When we have higher flows in the spring it usually means good dry-fly fishing throughout the summer.


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