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Dry Fly Fishing: Right here, right now

It's not too early to plan your 2024 dry fly fishing adventure

The Missouri River is still running high here in Montana and the water temperature is prime for our mega PMD hatch. Along with PMDs, the caddis hatch is strong as well. Despite the high water, fish are up and rising to the massive amounts of mayflies. And, the afternoon has a strong caddis hatch to keep things interesting.

With these water conditions, we believe stellar fishing will last all summer long.

Historically, the Missouri River always has exceptional fly fishing in the month of June. If you are interested in fishing the Mo this time of year, it is imperative to plan a year out. If you missed out on 2023 fishing, plan now for 2024. Feel free to call Channel Outfitters now for all of your guiding and lodging needs.

Gentleman client with Channel Outfitters guide showing off a large brown trout on the Missouri River
June dry fly fishing serves up this big butterscotchy brown trout


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