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Dry Fly Fishing Paradise

Just a little bit of heaven right here on the Missouri River

Bent fly rod with a fish on on the Missouri River

The Missouri River is a special place. From a guide's perspective, it is truly a fly fisherman's paradise. Fly fishing on the Missouri starts out with nymphs and streamers, with a few good moments of dry action. But as the the water temps get right, the dry fly game gets really good.

Now here we are at the end of July, in the the dog days of summer, and the dry fly fishing is insane! We have mega trico hatches daily with PMDs still showing and always some caddis on the menu. I almost forgot to mention, hoppers are bringing the big ones up. The Missouri River never fails to amaze me. I haven't used a bobber for at least six weeks. and that's really saying something when you consider not every angler has the skill to throw dry flies all day.

Looking ahead, we're headed into some awesome fall fly fishing in Montana. Fly fishing on the Missouri will remain great throughout August and get spectacular as the water cools in September. It is not too late to get hopper fishing trips in this season. We have some space, even with yours truly.


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