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Discovering a hidden gem: A special place for elk hunting adventures

Channel Outfitters archery hunter client with harvested bull elk in Bull Mountains
Guided by Channel Outfitters, Patrick M. finds success in the Bull Mountains in the fall of 2023.

The problem with a hidden gem is once you find it, it’s not hidden anymore. But Channel Outfitters has put together several ranches in eastern Montana’s Bull Mountains, which have all the right stuff for prime elk hunting – terrain with readily available water and crops, plus low hunting pressure make for optimal elk habitat. In addition, excellent genetics along with the hidden nature of this area result in high elk population density. And not just a lot of elk, but true trophy elk with outstanding main beams and lengthy tines.  


Because there is so little public land available in this best kept secret region, hunting access is available only through an outfitter, but with some of the better draw odds of the special units. The 595-21 archery tag is a sure bet after hunters obtain the general deer/elk combo tag. For rifle hunts, we recommend buying bonus points. We’ve had nonresident clients draw the 590-20 rifle tag with only two points. Either way, we can assist you with the Montana hunting application. And, don’t forget, an extra preference point is awarded when booking with an outfitter.  


Another hidden gem – our lodge in small town Musselshell, Montana, which offers rustic comfort with high speed wi-fi and low-key relaxation. We only take two archery elk hunters at a time, assuring you each have own room. At day’s end, you get to relive your adventure at our bar while we cook up some killer food. 


Give us a call and let’s talk about your 2024 elk hunt in this special place.  


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