Big Game Hunts With Channel Outfitters

Farewell but not goodbye

Another season has come to an end. It was a good season all in all. I personally guided 2 of the biggest mule deer I have ever had the pleasure of seeing! Still the end of the season is bittersweet! As the outfitter, you hope all of your clients…
Hunting Eastern Montana

The First Hunt

My wife says I should do the hunt stories again. For those of you who don't know, the hunt stories are an account of the hunts that I guided. After the first year I did the stories, I realized it was a lot of blogging. Due to pressure from wife,…
Montana Mule Deer Hunts

In The Fall

In the fall I like to switch gears ever so often. I like the challenge of certain wild pursuits. I really like to fish and then put on the cammo and try for a mule deer with a bow hunter. The happy hunter in the photo who we call Stevie Ray…
Eastern Montana Outfitters

Montana Mule Deer Hunts

It's all about the Mule Deer. The king of deer! This is a quick account of a great deer taken by one of our hunters last year. The hunter was a good guy named Scot. He had killed a giant of a Montana muley a few years back. Scot has the…
Montana Big-Game Hunts

Hunt Stories

The return of the wildly popular hunt stories, here we go. This one is about a great white hunter named Easy E. aka Eric. Eric killed the giant of all giants the year before, this year we just wanted to get a good deer and have fun. I booked…