Eastern Montana Hunts

Seasons End

Another season is over. We had some good times and some tough lessons learned. With the end of a season a new one begins. More and more people are making plans well in advance. Hunters and fisherman alike, are already calling and emailing…
Channel Outfitters

Mule Deer

There is nothing quite like the Mule Deer. Out here the Mulie is still king! To peruse the Mule Deer in his habitat is as good as any hunt can be. In Montana we are lucky, we get to hunt the during the rut. The rut is when the big bucks…
Montana Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer

Gene from Wisconsin shot this fine-looking mule deer. We had an encounter with the buck earlier that day but bumped him. The buck and several other deer moved to about 2 miles away and bedded down in some wide open terrain. The deer was…

Montana Mule Deer Rut Hunt

This hunt takes place in mid November. You except good hunting during this time of year due to the rut. I was in between hunts and just hanging out at our ranch house, glassing some hay meadows. We had around 22 does coming in and out of…
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Montana Rut Hunts

Well, here goes hunt story number two. My wife says that everyone loves these hunt stories. I don't really like to write the stories because it is hard to write sarcasm! This hunt took place about mid November. The deer were rutting hard…
Eastern Montana

The First Hunt

The first hunt I guided this season was with long time client Easy E. This was E's seventh trip with me. We have had some great hunts together! Our hunts have not always been smooth. Easy has some bad luck in regards to weather. He has hunted…
Channel Outfitters Montana

Time To Hunt

All of the planning, paperwork, and overtime worked is over. Time to hunt! A few good men managed to scrape up enough dough to come out and enjoy what we have to offer. Our ranches have had some record moisture this year. We will harvest some…
Eastern Montana Deer Hunts

Montana Mule Deer Hunting

Big Deer just look big! A big Deer rack will stick up over the truck bed. A big Deer might have 42 inches of mass. We all dream about the big deer! Craig w's dream came true, it's a big one!
Eastern Montana Deer Hunts With Channel Outfitters

The Badlands

The second installment of the 2015 hunt stories starts now. The hunter is Eric, aka "Easy E. We have been hunting together for several straight years. Eric comes with a great attitude and is always ready to shoot! We are always looking for an…