May Day

Here we are fishing into the month of May. Fly fishing on the Missouri River has started slow this spring due to high and cold water. We are starting to experience better more consistent fly fishing. The water temps are bringing the bigger and better hatches. We have been putting our clients on some rally good brown trout. The trend will continue as the water warms a few more degrees. Give us a call and get your days booked for the Mighty Mo.

Channel Outfitters

The Fall

Channel Outfitters

Well kids, it looks like the August cool down has happened right on time. The dry-fly fishing this August has been the best I’ve ever seen! I think the fish will continue to look up for ants, hoppers, caddis and tiny suedos. No need to nymph fish at this point, it’s good as well. The browns are big and the rainbows are fat. Time to get your fall fishing on.

Fly-Fishing The Mighty Mo

Missouri River Fly Fishing

Fly-Fishing The Mighty Mo

Lots of water, Lots of big browns! The river has been plenty high this year, high water makes for some big fish. That being said, I’m over the high water and the nymph fishing! We can look forward to a good hopper fishing season but I’m afraid the may-fly and caddis hatch will be wasted due to high flows. If you waited to long to make plans this season, that might be a good thing. Lets hope the water drops and the fish rise. Until then we will just keep catching these!

Channel Outfitters Missouri River

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The fishing is still pretty good. Nymph fishing is strong. Hopper fishing is good for those who can wait it out. Small dry’s are really not that good, you can find a few fish eating in the morning, after that it’s deadsville! The forecast is favorable in few days, cooler daytime temps and cold nights. The fish will dig it and so will you!

Montanas Missouri River

Streamer Time

For me spring is the best time to throw streamers! I like to streamer fish when the water temps are in the mid forties. The big browns get active, and like to eat the big stuff. On the sunny days with calm conditions you can see the fish come and attack. I tie a lot of my streamers with small amounts of weight, this allows the fly to entice fish up from the bottom. People who only fish streamers deep are missing a really cool opportunity to see the fish attack. The visual game of streamer throwing is just as cool as a dry fly eat in my opinion. Let the games begin!

Fly Fishing Montana

Spring Fly Fishing

I’ve said it before, I love fly fishing in the spring! What’s not to like? Less crowds, dumb fish, and the hope of a giant on a streamer. Get out and get you one!