May Day

Here we are fishing into the month of May. Fly fishing on the Missouri River has started slow this spring due to high and cold water. We are starting to experience better more consistent fly fishing. The water temps are bringing the bigger and better hatches. We have been putting our clients on some rally good brown trout. The trend will continue as the water warms a few more degrees. Give us a call and get your days booked for the Mighty Mo.

Spring Special

It is time to get out and get those flies wet. We will be offering our Spring Special March 15 until May 1. For only $400 per day, 2 anglers can do a guided float down the famous Missouri River. The fishing can be great this time of year and the guides are happy. Gives us a call and book it now!

Missouri River Outfitters

Big Trout

Missouri River Outfitters

We have been doing well catching Big Trout. High water always makes the fish big! I have been getting lucky landing some bigs every day. The water is back on the rise due to heavy rain storms up river. The fish are just getting bigger eating all the worms, ants, sowbugs and emerging insects. We are hopeful that the river will drop to offer a better dry- fly bite. Until then, we will be catching these to pass the time,

Missouri River Fly Fishing Trips

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Missouri River Fly Fishing Trips

We have high water here on the Mo. The fishing is very good! On years when the water gets really high the fish get really big! Of course the dry-fly fishing is not happening until the water gets below 12000 CFS. If you like to nymph fish with long leaders and lots of weight now is your time! We hook big ones every day when the water is high!

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report

The fishing has been pretty good! Not the best dry fly bite but some trico eaters can be found daily. The hopper bite can be day to day. Hoppers can be stellar in the clouds.

The nymph fishing is good to great depending on who you talk to. I’ve been looking for big ones, not numbers. As you can see, the big ones have been coming to my net. Big bugs in shallow water have been my game. Guys have been throwing shallow or in the deep trenches. The cool down is coming!

Missouri River Guides

Big Ones

This is what a big Missouri River brown trout looks like. Got this big guys a few weeks back. We get the big ones on dry flies! It takes patience, skill, and a little luck. We will capture a few of these big ones in August. Do you have what it takes?