Big Browns With Channel Outfitters

Summer Fly-Fishing

Big Browns With Channel Outfitters

Things have really heated up here on the Missouri River. It’s hot and so is the fishing. The water is nearly at a good level to fish some dries. The nymph fishing is quiet hot! We get a big brown almost every day. Hopper fishing will be soon. Time to get on over to the Mo!!!

Missouri River Outitterer

Mighty Mo

Missouri River Outitterer

Had some fun times with the Tim Stein group. These guys do it right! Rent a house in Craig Montana and fish the Missouri for 3 days. Great food and great guides. They are booked for the same time next year because it is that good! Yes they do have a little competition, The biggest brown takes the cup. Ray won the prestigious award two years running. Not easy to do when the guides are trying to crush each other and the clients are out for blood! Good times with good guys!

Missouri River Fly Fishing Guides

May Fly Fishing Report

May is a great time to fish Montana’s Missouri River. We are on the verge of a large caddis hatch along with a some sizable drakes. The water volume is at the upper limits for the fish to rise well but I’ve seen some big fish rise in the past with similar conditions.

As of now nymph fishing is really good some days and really tough other days. Most guides are getting it done day to day. Most do it yourself guys are having some really tough days, especially in the sun. I have not heard many great reports about streamers but as the water warms fishing certain banks can be good.

Missouri River Outfitters

Happy 4th Of July

May all of your fish be big browns trout!

Channel Outfitters Missouri River

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The fishing is still pretty good. Nymph fishing is strong. Hopper fishing is good for those who can wait it out. Small dry’s are really not that good, you can find a few fish eating in the morning, after that it’s deadsville! The forecast is favorable in few days, cooler daytime temps and cold nights. The fish will dig it and so will you!

Small Town

Good blogs should have some original content. Well here you go, hot rod Buick meets Clackacraft. I was there but not driving, just a observer. Fishing is hotter than a two dollar pistol! Get your ass over here!