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My friend and fellow mule deer hunter Mike L. came out to hunt again last season. Mike killed the biggest mule deer in the state a few years back. This time we just wanted to have some fun and see what we could find. I knew of some good mulies from bow season but we couldn’t find them, big country out there. I did tell Mike that the whitetail deer had been doing well the last few years and might see a good one that could make us forget about the mule deer. As we were just about done for the day we spotted a big old whitetail laying on the edge of a field. Mike said I’ll shoot that! I agreed as I was counting six points on each side and the buck looked old. After a quick sneak we where in position. Mike’s trusty 270 put the old deer to sleep.

Eastern Montana Hunts

Seasons End

Eastern Montana Hunts

Another season is over. We had some good times and some tough lessons learned. With the end of a season a new one begins. More and more people are making plans well in advance. Hunters and fisherman alike, are already calling and emailing about the up coming season. Maybe you will be the next lucky hunter or angler.

Eastern Montana Rut Hunts

Tales From The Hunt

Eastern Montana Rut Hunts

This is the tale of Mark’s hunt. Mark booked a 2 on 1 hunt with his 74-year-old father in mind. The plan was to get his father Gene a buck first then Mark would hunt. We had some close call and a few missed opportunities that led up to the last day or so of this hunt. After Gene collected a real nice deer it was Marks turn. We were looking for a great buck we spotted a few days back. As we glassed the general area, no luck finding the big one. As we entered a another drainage, we spotted 15 does hanging out around a hay stack. After closer inspection, I noticed a deer I had passed up last year. This buck was now of age and was a big bodied o-l boy.

I was excited to see this buck again! I had pictures of him and I also watched him shred a tree near the house we stay in. The buck didn’t have a big frame but he had a-lot of character. He also had some nice mass. As we watched the duck lay down in an open bowl with his many does, Mark was not totally sold on this buck. I let Mark look him over in my spotting scope and at the angle it was hard to make out the trash on bucks right side. It was the last day of the hunt so I urged Mark to hunt this deer. I felt he would like the buck up close! After watching the deer for an hour or so Mark decided to go after this deer.

The temp was around 4 degrees but the wind was starting to quick up. The wind direction was not perfect for the stalk but I felt we could still get him. We had to walk way around to stay out of sight. The wind was cold and walking was difficult on the frozen terrain. As we neared the spot I peeked over the edge. Deer where everywhere and nervous from our sent. We needed to hurry as the deer were leaving. A bunch of does came over the top that we where on at about 80 yards. I got Mark ready on his shooting sticks. We where out in the wide open! I hissed at mark, get ready!  I watched the buck come up out of the crack. He was the last deer to come. As the buck stepped out on top he looked magnificent! Mark took careful aim and planted the old buck right there.

It was brutally cold sitting on the frozen ground waiting for the buck to follow his does. Mark looked over to me with a big smile and said this was a good birthday. I said congratulations and happy birthday! As we approached the buck Mark could finally see why I liked this deer.

Montana Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer

Montana Mule Deer Hunts

Gene from Wisconsin shot this fine-looking mule deer. We had an encounter with the buck earlier that day but bumped him. The buck and several other deer moved to about 2 miles away and bedded down in some wide open terrain. The deer was in a spot that was unapproachable! I decided the only thing to do was wait for the deer to return to the food source we bumped them out of earlier in the hunt.

When we arrived at the destination the deer were already headed towards our location. It was a real cool experience to watch 30 head of deer come our way. It was the does and little bucks at first. Then came the bigger bucks. We watched the come from a mile out. At one spot the deer would be skyline on the horizon. Sure enough the biggest deer came last. We watched all the deer migrate towards us and the last one was our shooter buck!

After waiting for all of the deer to get in a low spot we made our move. We crawled up to where the deer were headed. As I peeked over I could see deer everywhere. Some were to close and then I caught a glimpse of the big one. By the time Gene got set up the deer was out of sight. We could only wait for the deer to feed up to a failed wheat crop that the deer were devouring. I felt like we looked pretty stupid laying down in a wide open field but it might work.

As we lay there on our butts in a foot of snow it was somehow fun. Even though it was -5 degrees this was going to happen. Some does fed to within in 60 yards of us but didn’t really notice or care. Now some bucks fed in to about 80 yards. I told the boys to be still even though we all were freezing. Her comes the big one! Gene and I discuss what one to shoot out of 6 bucks. I get him on the shoot sticks but we still stay low as many deer are close. Finally after forever, the big buck was clear of all other deer. Time to shoot Gene! Shoot him now! He’s the one right in the middle as I point! Gene makes it happen. Smiles and cold hands.

Montana Mule Deer Hunts

Big Buck


Some of you may have read the story of Mike’s incredible buck in the latest issue of Eastman’s Hunting Journal. Congratulations to the hunter Mike LaVoy on great Buck! 

Just a few thoughts on this truly giant mule deer buck. The Hunter and guide have been humbled by our good fortune. Even though Mike’s buck made the cover story of Eastman’s and we possibly harvested the biggest buck taken in Montana in 2016, we are still just a couple of average guys who love the outdoors! 

Sometime dreams do come true! We will never forget the morning that all the planets aligned and we were able to harvest this tremendous Mule Deer! Good shooting Mike!

Big Game Hunts With Channel Outfitters

Farewell but not goodbye

Another season has come to an end. It was a good season all in all. I personally guided 2 of the biggest mule deer I have ever had the pleasure of seeing! Still the end of the season is bittersweet! As the outfitter, you hope all of your clients have the perfect hunt. This is usually not the case. Many factors determine success, most of which we can’t control. It still doesn’t feel good when good clients have a less than stellar hunt!

All we can do now is look forward to the next season. We will hope for a mild winter and a wet spring. We will start posting some hunt stories from this season, some amazing hunts took place!

Miles City, MT Outfitters

Mule Deer Rut Hunts

It’s that time of year when serious mule deer hunters are making some plans. Laying awake thinking of Where to go. When to go, what tags can I draw? If you don’t have the points to draw your dream tag, do you throw down on a guided hunt? Yes! That is exactly what you do! Throw caution to the wind and sign up.

If you are going to book a hunt, you need tags!  You will want to book with an outfitter in some state that has deer tags available. A bonus would be if said outfitter had hunts during the rut, when big deer are on their feet.  It would also be nice if the outfitter had some good private land to hunt.  Private land that has some great habitat and some beautiful scenery.  Some place that has all of those things plus really experienced guides who want nothing more than catching a big old buck for their dudes.

You actually can do all of that with us and the price isn’t to bad either.  Now that you have the vision, go ask your wife if you can miss Thanksgiving. Maybe she will let you go before Thanksgiving! You won’t know until you ask.

Miles City Montana Outfitters

Eastern Montana Deer Hunts

On with the next hunt story. This one is not a long drawn out hunt so I will give a little insight about the hunter. Tom Simpson has hunted with us several times. He comes out with a group from the great state of New Mexico. Tom is an expert gun guy! He shoots long distance with rifle and muzzleloaders. Tom is the real deal! He has a 1600 yard range on his property. Tom is also a mentor to many people, young and old.

Tom always lets the guys in his group shoot deer before he does. This year the fellows were all filled out and they hit the road to beat a storm. It would be myself and another guide Caleb who guided Tom this day. It was the afternoon of an extremely windy day, gusts up to fifty.

My hopes were not to high with the wind situation. We were hitting little spots that were protected from the wind. We found a good bunch of deer up and on their feet in a secluded valley. Does and small bucks were around, we now had hope! We continued up the valley directly into the wind.

Off to our right was a mature buck on his feet staring in our direction. It was strange that he let us get so close. He was a good deer and we could tell he had an extra in-line. Tom decided that this was a nice deer. You boys cover your ears! The deer dropped stone dead after the shot. A doe jumped up and bound away. This explains  the bucks behavior.

No long distance shooting for Tom this year! The buck was shot under 70 yards. Tom quickly said he needed to do some close rang bullet testing anyhow! Back to town with a big buck we go.

Eastern Montana Deer Hunts With Channel Outfitters

The Badlands

The second installment of the 2015 hunt stories starts now. The hunter is Eric, aka “Easy E. We have been hunting together for several straight years. Eric comes with a great attitude and is always ready to shoot! We are always looking for an older deer, something to be proud of! This year it happened on day 2.

As we were on our way to check a spot, I noticed something out on the sky-line that looked out-of-place. I threw up the old binos and sure enough BIG BUCK! I’m telling Easy to SHOOT! Eric however is a shooter not a spotter. Now begins the long process  of explaining were on the horizon is the deer. After what seems like forever, I have narrowed it down to between the only 2 cedar trees out there.

The deer was just staring our way, not sure if we are a doe he should check out. Finally Eric is down on his gun and just about ready to shoot as the deer starts to cruz. We did a quick run to the edge of a large canyon. I see him again stopped and staring our way. Shoot, he is standing by that tree! Eric is on him and I hear his safety click. Plug the ears before the 300 ultra mag blows my ears out.

The shot was a 299 yard chip shot for Easy. The deer leaped out of sight at the report of the shot. We made our way to where we last seen the deer. Ready for a follow-up shot but none needed. A beautiful buck lay at our feet! A 4×4 with good mass and a double eye guard on one side. No ground shrinkage here! Eric’s smile says it all.