Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The Fish are rising to mayflies and caddis in the blazing sun. Yes the fish on the Missouri river do not mind looking up into the sun as long as the bugs are present. The next 3 weeks will be the best of the dry-fly fishing! After that it will slow down to a crawl. If you like to throw dry’s all day long you might want to make plans for next June.

Fly Fishing Montana's Missouri River

Dry Fly

June brings the big hatches on The Missouri. This week the PMDs are coming off fairly well. If you know where to look the fishing can be outstanding! Good long drag free drifts are the key. Accuracy is also a big help. Caddis are also here in good numbers the big caddis hatch is about to blow!

Missouri River Fly Fishing


June is the best dry fly fishing month on the Missouri! Mega hatches of caddis and mayflies. Big browns like to look up and eat. Get here as quick as you can! we will save a few for you.