Missouri River Outfitters

Big Ones

The fishing is really hot! I would recommend you go before the weather gets really hot. Lots of hatches, lots of big browns! I always say, go early and often! The guy in the picture loves fishing the Missouri in May. You should make the trip!

Missouri River Fly Fishing

Butterscotch Chronicles

You might know by now, I like to fish! I like to throw myself or guiding people suits me just fine. I like to pursue “Big Gators! You know, the kind of fish you would expect in the ” Butterscotch Chronicles!

I’ve been trout bum in around since 1989, I got the habit bad! One thing that still really turns my crank is putting a over-weight slobs into my net. You know the kind of fish I’m talking about, Long and Fat! That’s the kind I angle for!

The happy angler pictured above is my father “RD Channel. He bought me my first fly rod. Dad is retired, now we go catch pigs together! Stay tuned my friends, May is a good month for Butterscotch.